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Rest for a world on the go.

Ingeniously-designed, the 40 Winks® Pillow uses opposing pull or counterbalance from your own body to create comfortable and real support for your head.

Rest for a world on the go.

I’m convinced that today’s generation lives a life “on the go” more than any in the past! We push ourselves to the limit with things to do, are constantly taking in new information and on top of that, most of us are also required to travel for varying reasons. For me, I love nothing more than taking advantage of the forced halting of distractions during travel to catch up on needed rest so I can head into my next adventure refreshed.

Jeans and a white t-shirt have been a wardrobe staple for me my entire adult life. I love the feel of simple, quality cotton against my skin. That functional simplicity is the backdrop and inspiration for 40 Winks®. We set out to produce products that represent the style and aesthetic of the current generation of travelers. In an effort to make sure you have this same breathable comfort against your skin, we’ve chosen to work with fine fabrics, specifically cottons. We also believe in efficiency and have purposed to create products that you can use at home as well as on the road. Whether it’s cozying up with your blanket and pillow at home on the couch or traveling around the world, we’re excited to know you’ll have a familiar zone of rest wherever you are!

We are also excited to support our local economy by having these products made right here in Los Angeles. The sewing manufacturer we are partnered with has owners that represent true community through being more motivated by the welfare and provision of their employees than anything else. It’s an honor to be in partnership with them! Having our products made in the USA and being lovers of quality ourselves, we are choosing to work with craftsmen that produce well-made, quality materials.

Here’s to restful traveling!


Jennifer Klekas

40 Winks®

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