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  • SIDE SUPPORT – Tie or tuck soft cotton straps either: around body, cradle elbow in or loop around an armrest to create resistance needed for full support.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC PILLOW – The softness of this pillow rests where you need it to: either side of head or behind. Made with the perfect loft to comfortably fill in the space from shoulder to cheek.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – 9.6 Ounces
  • BREATHABLE COTTON – Cotton jersey fabric in charcoal / heather grey color to disguise make-up or spills. Washable, removable pillow case. Protective cotton drawstring carry bag included.
  • ORGANIC LAVENDER – Included: 2 organic lavender sachets for use inside the pillowcase. Takes getting z’s to a whole new level.

Licensed Patent US9,408,471 Aoren Endeavors
Patent No. D731,814

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This pillow has saved me

★★★★★ I travel a lot to Spain. This pillow has saved me. This pillow plus my noise cancelling headphones equals sleep! which is not easy for me. Its so soft and gives a great deal of comfort. Two of my friends have also purchased this. I am able to wash the bag it comes in and the cover after every use. For travel I hang it off purse strap and voila. Also great for long car rides. Comes with me for those as well. :)

Tm R.


Once I figured it out, I slept great!

★★★★ I flew from LAX to Melbourne Australia (15 hour flight) and I was so happy to have this pillow with me! It takes a few tries to figure out how to tie it right so itŠ—Ès comfortable for you but once I figure it out I slept great!

Mackenzie M.
This is the best travel pillow!

★★★★★ This is the best travel pillow! I’ve never been a fan of the around the neck pillows. They aren’t comfortable and don’t offer the support I like. This pillow is perfect! I used it recently on a couple of international flights and it was exactly what I wanted. I ended up in a middle seat for one of the flights and had no issues using this. I was so comfortable and I didn’t have to worry about leaning on the people next to me. Love it!

This is the best

★★★★★ After trying several travel pillows I can attest that this one is the best. It fits easily back into the pouch to keep it clean when you are done using it. the material reminds me of modal cotton- super soft and jersey-like! It was very easy to tie and was able to hold both my husband's and my heads up when we tried it separately and allow us to sleep comfortably.