40 Winks® Pillow (comes with organic lavender)


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  • SIDE SUPPORT – Tie or tuck soft cotton straps either: around body, cradle elbow in or loop around an armrest to create resistance needed for full support.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC PILLOW – The softness of this pillow rests where you need it to: either side of head or behind. Made with the perfect loft to comfortably fill in the space from shoulder to cheek.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT – 9.6 Ounces
  • BREATHABLE COTTON – Cotton jersey fabric in charcoal / heather grey color to disguise make-up or spills. Washable, removable pillow case. Protective cotton drawstring carry bag included.
  • ORGANIC LAVENDER – Included: 2 organic lavender sachets for use inside the pillowcase. Takes getting z’s to a whole new level.

Licensed Patent US9,408,471 Aoren Endeavors
Patent No. D731,814

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Weight .6 lbs

44 reviews for 40 Winks® Pillow (comes with organic lavender)

  1. Lori (verified owner)

    I smelled the lavender, as soon as i opened the pkg containing my pillow and breathed more deeply! The fabric of the pillow is so soft, so inviting…..i immediately tried the pillow . immediate comfort! I have problems with my neck and catching a few winks while sitting upright is very difficult . I wake with terrible pain !!! I have tried various “travel pillows” and they have not helped. I am thrilled to find a pillow that will enable me to comfortably rest in a seated position.

  2. Katherine

    it was in the afternoon when i received my travel pillow. that’s also when i take my sometimes daily nap. I’m a bit of a goldie locks when it comes to comfort so I couldn’t wait to try it out. My nap was a dream! the pillow was the perfect size, with a sweet softness to snuggle. I’m traveling to London and paris soon and can’t wait to use my travel pillow on my adventures. thank you 40 winks for making the pillow that is “just right for me!”

  3. Laura (verified owner)

    First time I’ve ever felt like i actually slept on a plane! Was able to tie the straps under my arm quite easily. The pillow cradled my head at a perfect angle so that i wouldn’t fall forward. I Woke up across the atlantic with no neck pain and well rested.
    I would recommend you make sure to put your head towards the back of the pillow. That way, the rest of it holds your head up, and you can lean back on the seats headrest with your neck straight.
    Happy travels!

  4. TiM

    This is an amazingly comfortable pillow and an ingenious idea. Thank you for inventing a practical product that is perfect for travel or at home. My wife and I love this!

  5. LJL

    ★★★★★ I’ve tried many disappointing travel pillows and had a daunting 14 hour flight ahead of me. I am very satisfied with this product. The material is soft and it gives the sensation of laying your head on someone’s shoulder without all the bony uncomfortable parts. It also is small and fits easily into a backpack. Despite it being pricey I have already recommended it to friends.

  6. Kevin

    ★★★★★ Love this. Works great And finally a pillow that doesn’t hurt my neck! This is exactly what I have been searching for. My husband tried it even while standing and said he felt as though he could instantly take a nap right where he was! 5+ stars! You won’t be disappointed!

  7. Katherine Walsh

    ★★★★★ I recently received my 40 Winks Travel pillow and found it soft comfy and easy to use. I really like the drawstring pouch it comes in as it makes it easy to store and pack in my carry on bag. I received an email from the company giving tips for better use. I responded back with a thank you email and got a really nice response back including how they were going to send me some lavender sachets to use with my pillow. I was impressed with their customer service. I’ve never had a seller reach out to me to ensure I received and could use the product I bought with complete ease and enjoyment. I would recommend this to any traveler.

  8. smkstender

    ★★★★★ A must for travel. No looking your pillow behind your seat or on the floor!!!

  9. Dave

    ★★★★ Works well no complaints.

  10. Customer

    ★★★ The cover is soft.

  11. Customer

    ★★★★★ Loved it! used it on Cross Country trip from east coast to west coast! Worked really great! It is also soft and comfortable with out loosing what it is designed to do I liked that it was not tight on my neck as well.

  12. Basshopper

    ★★★★ works better than the other travel pillows I’ve tried. Takes up more space than I’d like.

  13. Marie Nicholls

    ★★★★★ Best traveling pillow ever conceived!

  14. Margie

    ★★★★★ This pillow was amazing during my 11 hour flight to Hawaii, it stayed where I placed it and was super comfy.. Definitely recommend this product as I have tried many that failed .. Great job 40 winks

  15. Customer

    ★★★★★ Bought this pillow as a gift for my daughter who’s set to travel a long distance. Very pleased with the quality of the product. Exceptional customer service.

  16. John

    ★★★★★ The 40 winks travel pillow is exactly what I’ve been looking for. As an Industrial Designer I studied product design. The 40 winks travel pillow is just the right size and has a clean and simple design that is all utility and comfort. In the past when I would try to sleep on a long flight (always a challenge in coach) I would scrunch a jacket or sweat shirt in the crook of my neck and then try to secure my arms for both comfort and warmth. The 40 winks travel pillow is the solution and works orders of magnitude better then a scrunched jacket and me fumbling about. The jersey material provides the right amount of cool temperature and softness against my face and neck and I am off to dreamland in no time!

  17. Customer

    ★★★★★Love this thing! Use it on road trips and my husband takes it in to the studio for cat naps between sessions.

  18. Elaine Mayes

    ★★★★★ I spend a lot of time flying or on the road. I’ve finally been able to take trips and not spend an entire day catching up on sleep. And to top it off no more cricks in my neck! This is the most comfortable and portable travel pillow I’ve ever owned. I never leave home without it!

  19. Curtis L.

    ★★★★★ Traveled to Rome. 10 hr flight. Using 40 Winks first time I’ve ever been able to sleep on an airplane. LOVED It

  20. KB

    ★★★★★ Love this pillow! Very comfortable, and the lavender sachet was a luxurious bonus! Definitely recommend!

  21. Julie Sciortino

    ★★★★★ Soft, lightweight, and so comfortable!

  22. Rylan Chieruzzi

    ★★★★★ I told all my friends about this one! So this pillow is great well worth the cost. Went on the longest non-stop flight in the World (LAX to Dubai) and this was the best investment I made for the trip. Being able to sit in any seat in economy and sleep well makes this one of my smartest purchases to date! Keep up the great work 40 Winks!

  23. Tin Man

    ★★★★★ I am a large person 6’1″” and 220 lbs so I always have trouble finding a travel pillow that can hold up my fat head. This is not a large pillow but because of the versatile way it can be tied or positioned it works for me. I hope its tuff enough to last a while.

  24. Customer

    ★★★★★ Perfect travel pillow. As a frequent traveler this is the best travel pillow I’ve ever bought. I’ve gone through probably 5 in the last year trying to find the perfect one and this is it! I highly recommend it.

  25. WJ

    ★★★★★ On a long flight from LAX to JFK securing the straps to my armrest, placing the pillow under my neck, cheek, and chin not only did the pillow support my head, but it comfortably hammocked me in – two hours of blissful rest.

  26. SkippyLinne

    ★★★★★ Best travel pillowÄ hands down! I love this pillow!!! I have tried half a dozen or so and nothing would support my head comfortably. I have just purchased my second one because in a chaotic plane switching moment I left my pillow on the plane and was unable to recover it. It is slightly pricey but is VERY worth it in my book…even to purchase a second one. This pillow is very soft and comfortable. It gave my neck and head amazing support and my neck didn’t hurt after a long nap on a plane. I use it so I can rest both of my forearms in it and it gives me something comfortable to do with my arms in tight spaces. I also use it in the car and it is just as awesome. I love my 40 winks pillow and don’t ever plan to use anything else!

  27. Patricia

    ★★★★★ I travel a lot to Spain. This pillow has saved me. This pillow plus my noise cancelling headphones equals sleep! which is not easy for me. Its so soft and gives a great deal of comfort. Two of my friends have also purchased this. I am able to wash the bag it comes in and the cover after every use. For travel I hang it off purse strap and voila. Also great for long car rides. Comes with me for those as well. 🙂

  28. cfriend

    ★★★★ I flew from LAX to Melbourne Australia (15 hour flight) and I was so happy to have this pillow with me! It takes a few tries to figure out how to tie it right so itŠ—Ès comfortable for you but once I figure it out I slept great!

  29. J

    ★★★★★ After trying several travel pillows I can attest that this one is the best. It fits easily back into the pouch to keep it clean when you are done using it. the material reminds me of modal cotton- super soft and jersey-like! It was very easy to tie and was able to hold both my husband’s and my heads up when we tried it separately and allow us to sleep comfortably.

  30. Willie

    ★★★★★ this thing was awesome and so convenient to carry around.

  31. Denise C. Hoe

    ★★★★★ I’ve tried many travel pillows and this is the only one that actually stays in place!! I used it recently on an airline trip and it supported my neck enough to where I could actually sleep on a plane ride. With other pillows my head just flops around.And the soft fabric and lavender add just the comforting touch to make the pillow a 5-star. IŠ—Èd definitely buy this product again.

  32. JHP

    ★★★★★ This is simply the best travel pillow i’ve ever used. I’ve had several fancy ones from brookstone with the microbeads. I’ve used terrible cheap inflatable ones. This one actually is comfortable and stays put. It helped me sleep comfortable during a long flight to Australia. love love love.

  33. Sophia B

    ★★★★★ This pillow is high quality super soft and light. It is adjustable for all sizes and ways of using it. Fantastic!

  34. Tracy

    ★★★★★ I have not left for our trip to use it yet. However it appears to be good quality and well made. Doesn’t smell weird or seem scratchy. I’m pleased with the purchase.

  35. Mandy

    ★★★★ Gives pretty good neck support and is reasonably easy to tie around yourself. However if you can’t typically sleep on a plane this isn’t going to magically help you fall asleep. I usually at best can only sleep for about an hour on a plane if I’m lucky. This did not change that.

  36. Mary R

    ★ Really wanted this to work as it’s American made in CA, but could not get it positioned comfortably.

  37. Brady Bunch

    ★★★★ I thought this was a great idea for sleeping on the plane! It is a very comfortable pillow but a little awkward to use. Next time I will adjust it to fit before getting on the plane. Soft material and pillow.

  38. Jennifer Spencer

    ★★★★ An interesting concept that really did help me get better rest on a couple recent long flight.

  39. Scott Rogers

    ★★★★★ Bought one for me just placed an order for an extra one for my partner. You won’t be disappointed with this purchase.

  40. Laura

    ★★★★★ Excellent! The design es perfect super comfy and stay in its place.

  41. Customer

    ★★★★★ What a relief!!!! Being a mom of four I get so excited for my vacation time! That being said I struggle with my back and shoulders and after a long or even short plane ride I’m in pain the rest of the day. This pillow was such an amazing buy! I was able to sleep with my head supported properly so I didn’t kink it or add anymore knots to my shoulders! I highly recommend this travel pillow for any kind of traveling you might be doing!

  42. Dina Fryman

    ★★★★★ Took this with me on my trip to London and it was wonderful. Liked that I could easily adjust it as needed and it stayed in place.

  43. Janet North

    ★★★★★.. Provided prompt service and communication. Product high quality and exactly as expected. Very happy with this pillow and excited to try it out on a trip to India!

  44. Erin

    ★★★★★ I had purchased this item over a year ago and have used it on many plane and car rides to get a few winks while traveling a long ways. I’ve tried many travel pillows in the past and hated mostÄ they were uncomfortable and inconvenient to use and not helpful at all. The 40 Winks travel pillow has changed my traveling life! I take it everywhere! It’s easily adjustable, comfortable to rest your head on, and gives amazing support to my arms (because I choose to use it that way, it’s optional) when in tight spaces. I have never slept so good sitting up! I love love love it! So you can imagine how upset I was to loose it on a plane when we had mechanical issues and had to switch planes. In the chaotic transfer, I left my pillow 🙁 I immediately went online and ordered my 2nd pillow from Etsy. Same awesome quality!!! __ it so

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