40 Winks® Pillow


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  • Pillow arm lays flat against your body; leaving nothing to push head or body forward.
  • Buttery soft combed cotton pillow case
  • Hypo-allergenic pillow insert
  • Removable and washable pillow case
  • Comes with protective combed cotton drawstring carry bag
  • Patent no.┬áD731,814
  • Licensed Patent US9,408,471 Aoren Endeavors



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Weight .6 lbs

4 reviews for 40 Winks® Pillow

  1. Lori (verified owner)

    I smelled the lavender, as soon as i opened the pkg containing my pillow and breathed more deeply! The fabric of the pillow is so soft, so inviting…..i immediately tried the pillow . immediate comfort! I have problems with my neck and catching a few winks while sitting upright is very difficult . I wake with terrible pain !!! I have tried various “travel pillows” and they have not helped. I am thrilled to find a pillow that will enable me to comfortably rest in a seated position.

  2. Katherine

    it was in the afternoon when i received my travel pillow. that’s also when i take my sometimes daily nap. I’m a bit of a goldie locks when it comes to comfort so I couldn’t wait to try it out. My nap was a dream! the pillow was the perfect size, with a sweet softness to snuggle. I’m traveling to London and paris soon and can’t wait to use my travel pillow on my adventures. thank you 40 winks for making the pillow that is “just right for me!”

  3. Laura (verified owner)

    First time I’ve ever felt like i actually slept on a plane! Was able to tie the straps under my arm quite easily. The pillow cradled my head at a perfect angle so that i wouldn’t fall forward. I Woke up across the atlantic with no neck pain and well rested.
    I would recommend you make sure to put your head towards the back of the pillow. That way, the rest of it holds your head up, and you can lean back on the seats headrest with your neck straight.
    Happy travels!

  4. TiM

    This is an amazingly comfortable pillow and an ingenious idea. Thank you for inventing a practical product that is perfect for travel or at home. My wife and I love this!

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